Aggressive Defense Of Your Driving Privileges

Most people depend on their vehicles to help them get through their daily responsibilities and activities. However, a suspended driver’s license can put a halt to your life and cause many issues. If you face a driver’s license suspension or have received a letter stating your license is already suspended, you have options. Enlist the assistance of an experienced attorney who can protect your license.

At the Law Office of Lindsey Pieper in Rochester, I work aggressively to see that you can continue legally driving whenever possible. My firm’s focus is on criminal matters, including all types of traffic violations, driver’s license suspensions and revocations. I use my experience and insight to understand your situation and your options for seeking a resolution to the suspension.

Types Of Driver’s License Suspensions

There are two types of suspensions that may be initiated:

  • Definite suspension: Once a definite suspension order has been issued for your driver’s license, your driving privileges will be suspended for a set period of time. This time will be stated on the paperwork you receive. Once the time period has ended, you will be able to pay a fee to terminate the suspension and reinstate your license. Then you will once again have a valid driver’s license.
  • Indefinite suspension: An indefinite license suspension order has no time frame for the suspension. For the suspension to be lifted, you will have to complete the action stated in the documentation. This can include paying a traffic ticket, paying back child support, paying back New York state tax debt, obtaining auto insurance or other situations that can cause a suspension to be initiated. Once you can show that you completed the required action, your license will be reinstated.

In either of these situations, we can fight the suspension with the presentation of evidence as to why the suspension should not have been initiated.

The Impact On Your Life

Being unable to drive may affect your ability to go to work or school or drive your children to school or appointments, or it may directly affect your livelihood. This is especially the case if you drive for a living, which includes people who hold commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs). By fighting the suspension, I am fighting for you to be able to continue living your life.

It is important to note that a driver’s license suspension can stem from various situations, including the accumulation of points on your driver’s license from traffic violations such as speeding tickets. This is why it is important to fight any ticket you receive.

Helping You Get You Back On The Road

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